Provisional Programme



5th -7th April 2018

We are grateful for the support of:

The John Fell Fund, Oxford University

University College, Oxford

Society for Medieval Languages and Literatures

Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship




09.30-10.00    Registration and coffee

10.00-10.15    Welcome and opening remarks

10.15-11.15    Plenary 1: Professor Anthony Bale: “Whose Margery Kempe?”

Chair: Diane Watt

11.15-11.45    Coffee

11.45-13.15    Panel 1: Space and Self

Chair: Laura Varnam

Alicja Kowalczewska: Kempe and Glück: Performance of Transgressive Self

Ruth Evans: Margery Kempe’s Internal Reality

Juliana Dresvina: Creating a Margery-Sized Space: Margery Kempe’s Psychological Defences and Offences

13.15-14.15    Lunch

14.15-15.45    Panel 2: Care and Cure

Chair: Annie Sutherland

Ivan Day (food historian): Medieval Food and the Medicinal Use of Sugar

Laura Kalas Williams: The Swetenesse of Confection: A Recipe for Spiritual Health in London, British Library, Additional MS 61823

Michael Leahy: The Intimacies of Care: Margery Kempe and her Patients

15.45-16.15    Coffee

16.15-18.00    Panel 3: Sights, Sounds, Senses

Chair: Hannah Lucas

Rachel Moss: Falling in Love and Crying: Academic Culture and What Margery Can Teach Us

Laura Varnam: Framing The Book of Margery Kempe: How the Good Mystic Taught her Readers

Katherine Lewis: ‘And þerfore sche dede no þing wryten but þat sche knew ryghth wel for very trewth’: Margery Kempe, Oral History, and the Value of Subjective Memory

Einat Klafter: ‘Boldly take me in the armys of thi sowle’: The Eschewing of Somatic and Erotic Language in Margery Kempe’s Unio Dei

18.00-19.30    Wine reception (sponsored by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship) and Poster session. A toast will be proposed by Clarissa Atkinson, author of Mystic and Pilgrim: The Book and the World of Margery Kempe.

Posters will be presented by: Charlotte Knight, Martin Laidlaw, William Storm, Meagan Khoury, and Eva Sanchez.



09.15-10.45    Panel 4: Dialogues

Chair: Liz Herbert McAvoy

Clarck Drieshen: The Fourteenth-Century Christi Leiden in einer Vision geschaut as a Source for Margery Kempe’s Visions of the Passion

Diana Denissen: Social Exclusion as Self-Representation in Margery Kempe’s Book and Alijt Bake’s Boecxhen

Godelinde Perk: Channel-Hopping Saints: Margery Kempe as Modern Devout Mystic

10.45-11.15    Coffee

11.15-12.45    Panel 5: Historicity

Chair: Laura Varnam

Susan Maddock: ‘Comyn hom into Lynne’: The Historicity of Margery Kempe’s Book in Relation to her Home Town

Pat Cullum: Monitoring, Mentoring, and Admonition: Margery Kempe and the Prelates

Vincent Gillespie: The Latin Margery Kempe

12.45-13.45    Lunch

13.45-14.45    Plenary 2: Dr Sarah Salih: Margery and Marina: The Book of Margery Kempe as Performance Archive”

Chair: Vincent Gillespie

14.45-15.15    Coffee

15.15-17.15    Panel 6: Performances

Chair: Laura Kalas Williams

Margaret Sheble: Queer Eye for God: Reading Margery Kempe as Female Masculine

Hannah Lucas: Clad in Flesch and Blood: The Sartorial Body and Female Self-Fashioning in The Book of Margery Kempe

Tara Williams: Revisiting Margery and Julian’s Holy Dalyawns

17.15-17.30    Comfort break and move to college chapel

17.30-19.30    Marge & Jules performance

19.30               Conference dinner (University College dining hall)



09.30-11.00    Panel 7: Devotions and Receptions

Chair: Pat Cullum

Sue Niebryzdowski: ‘Wolcomyd and mech made of in dyvers placys’: The Shared Piety of the Citizens of York and Margery Kempe

Josephine Koster: ‘I cry the mercy, blisful Lord’: The Prayers of Margery Kempe and the Construction of Orthodoxy

Sarah Macmillan: Margery in Print: Asceticism and Imitatio

11.00-11.30    Coffee

11.30-13.00    Plenary 3: Professor Liz Herbert McAvoy and Professor Naoë Kukita Yoshikawa: “Many a good boke of hy contemplacyon . . . & swech oþer:  The Intertextual Dialogue and Conversational Theology of  Mechthild of Hackeborn and Margery Kempe”

Chair: Katherine Lewis

13.00-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.30    Panel 8: Theorising Identity

Chair: Einat Klafter

Christina Hildebrandt: The Book of Margery Kempe, Disability, and the Power of Discourse

Johannes Wolf: Margery Kempe as De-Facement: Pathology, Autobiography, and ‘this Creatur’

Dorothy Kim: Margery Kempe in Jerusalem: Sonic Wars, Religious Soundscapes, and Christian Noise

15.30-16.00    Coffee

16.00-17.15    Plenary 4: Professor Diane Watt: “Growing Old With Margery Kempe: Reflections and Responses”

Chair: Laura Kalas Williams

17.15-17.30    Reflections

A PDF of the provisional programme can be downloaded here: Updated MK Programme 18.3.18



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